About Us

When I rearranged my living room one afternoon in March, 2018, I was putting away some newspapers and flyers for recycling. I noticed that some of the flyers are too good to throw them away. I was wondering what they are good for. Immediately, an idea came to my mind: they can be made into something useful such as paper bags before putting them into recycling.


I learn that the landfills are fulled and could run out of room for garbage soon if we don’t slow down on throw away good things like flyers and reduced the plastic bags for lunches and grocery shopping bags etc... by replacing them with paper bags.


Even though it costs more to use paper bags: $1.00 each instead of $0.05. The benefits are far more than the costs. For one, it creates good jobs. It helps with economy and keep the landfills clean with no pollution.


Waste no time, I booked appointments to ask my lawyer to legalize my business to reuse the expired flyers. I also buy the recyclable papers to make paper bags, lunch bags, and books.


I received a lots of supports from neighbours and friends, best of all families! Lets do so together to make our community a better place to live and work! I like to see all readers say “yes, count me in”


  1. I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and English fluently.

  2. I can be reached by text at (604)217-0652

  3. We provide first comes, first serve and satisfaction is guaranteed!