Paper bags are good for many uses. They are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and creating many jobs for many workers; just to name a few of the benefits why we should use paper bags more than ever.


The followings are the paper bags that were designed by our company can be used for:


1. Lunch bags:  pack your lunch to work where your work places have a lunch room.


2. Household usage: store fruit and vegetables such as berries, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and mushrooms etc. In the fridge.


3. Gifts bags: Have you ever bring a bag of goodies when you visit your parents and friends? If you use these bags as gift bags. You will bring a smile to everyone who receives it for all occasions!


4. Composing purposes: leave them on the kitchen counter for potatoes peels and vegetable waste including egg shells, and coffee grounds etc. .....


5. Crafts: children can put stickers on the paper bags and make the handle for these bags for their moms to use at home.


6. Organizer: I use big bags for incoming mail, bills to pay, and mail to send.....


7. Fundraising purposes:  Using them to put items for fundraising purposes. Give them away to the donors as a tokin of appreciation for their kindness :)


If you order 10,000 paper bags, you can have an extra 10% discount. We ship every 500-package C.O.D. Your patronage will provide many jobs for the better economy for the Canadians.